Dress Watch

  • The key to a Dress Watch is simplicity.
  • Worn with business suits or formal attire.
  • Not necessarily concerned about accurate time.
  • Should not draw a lot of attention.
  • Should match metals and materials with shoes and belts.
    • The band should typically be leather.
    • A thin case.
    • Black, white or metallic face.
    • Simplistic numbers

Field Watch

  • Battlefield ready
  • The most important thing about a field watch is that they must be rugged.
  • Traditionally made of stainless steel, however today they may be made with titanium or PVD-coated.
  • Field watches should be visible under low light conditions
    • Large numbers with high contrast to the face
    • White numbers and black face typically
  • Quality leather or canvas bands.
  • These watches are meant to be worn on a daily basis through all types of rough conditions.

Aviator Watch

  • The Aviator Watch began as repurposed field watches with the accuracy, and readability.
  • As time went on, air forces the world over developed these watches with functions that fit their specific aviation needs.
  • Have a chronograph and 2 push buttons one to start/stop the first hand and another to start/stop the second hand.
  • The band can be made of different materials than the typical field watch such as leather or even metals as they are not necessarily for field situation.

Dive Watch

  • Dive watches are one of the most prolific watches.
  • Dive watches have to be incredibly accurate because their main purpose is for divers that are hundreds of feet under water with a limited supply of air.
  • Bezel that only rotates counter-clockwise.
  • Case and bands must be corrosion resistant.
  • Must be water resistant to at least 100 meters, many offer even greater distances of resistance.
  • Made from:
    • Stainless steel
    • Titanium
    • Silicone
    • rubber

Racing Watch

  • Racing Watches tend to be much flashier than the previously mentioned watches.
  • They can be made of many different materials and come in many different colors.
  • The more flashy the watch the more casual the watch becomes.
  • Racing Watches should include a chronograph and a tachymeter.
    • Chronograph is a stop watch function with pushers to start and stop the hands
    • Tachymeter is a bezel that is used to make distance and time calculations.


These are all great watches in their own right and I believe no collection is complete without at least one of each. If you are in the market for a new watch then check out my review blog here.