Casual Watch

The casual watch is one that is meant to be worn everyday in various conditions. The characteristics of a Casual watch are a smaller face; metal casing; nylon, leather, or metal strap, and affordable. I wouldn’t hesitate on a more affordable option with this watch, because it is a daily driver. It is best to get one of these watches with interchangeable bands so that it will always match the casual style you are going with.

Price Points: $20 to $500

Affordable: $20+ you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great Casual Watch.

High-end: $500 if you really want to splurge and get a spectacular Casual Watch, then by all means.

Fashion Watch

The Fashion watch is a watch that I would consider casual, with a combination of form and function. This is a watch that can really show off your personality. Fashion watches can be flashy or a bit more subtle depending on what you like the characteristics tend have a larger case, metal or leather bracelet, activity-specific features such as chronographs, altimeter, depth gauge, or tachymeter. Some more simple fashion watches can be worn casually, however the more flashy the watch the more casual the watch. If you are only going to own these three watches, these are more up to personal preference, so choose one that you truly like.

Price Point: $100+

Affordable: $100 to $500 This is a great price range to find a great looking watch that fits your budget and get a great watch that fits your style and function.

High-end: $500+ you can go as high as you want with a fashion watch, you can never go wrong with a nice Rolex.

Dress Watch

Black tie ready or any formal event that is where the Dress watch comes into play. The main characteristics are that it should be slim, have an understated profile, a simple metal case, simple watch face, leather strap. The hardware and materials for a dress watch should always match the hardware and materials on your belt and shoes. You can get these watches with interchangeable straps, so that you will always match your current wardrobe.

Price points: $100 to $5000+

Affordable: $100 to $1000 is a great price point to fall between, since the key is simplicity.

High-end: $5000+ may be a bit steep for some, but if you have that kind of money laying around, go for it.